Predictable is where one can foresee what will happen. Fighters that have tells, they telegraph what they will do in a given situation, if studied, an opponent can come up with a counter to the predictable move. Football teams can become predictable if they have a play that the coaching staff prefers. The opposing team through studying the preferred plays, will design a defensive strategy to stop the preferred play. The team will continue running the play until the opposing defense stops the opponents preferred play.

For the last several years since starting the Ezekiel 33 Project, one thing that has become evident is most situations in dealing with child abuse and molestation, what happens is predictable. There is no doubt that there is limited information circulating on the topic because the tactics are almost all identical. Meaning, those opposing those abusing our children have not come up with an effective counter to the techniques they use to gain sympathies of larger groups.

Most situations involve someone who many like and prefer that their children spend time with. When the individual is reported, they will point out all of the “good” they do and rally their allies. In addition to pointing out how good they are, they will also minimize the event where suspicion was raised. Others will be glad that an individual was reported indicating the suspicion was not a one-time thing as many abusers will add to their defense if they go so far to admit even a portion of what was done. As this happens their allies (flying monkeys) will make things difficult for those who reported the incident.

Predictable. No matter where an incident happens. What will happen to those who make an attempt at doing good is unfortunate and predictable.

How does one counter such tactics taken by abusers and their flying monkeys? Resolve. Be predictable in your own way. Be known for taking an unwavering stance in protecting those who don’t have a voice. Understand that relationships change in light of reporting such an event. Know that doing so is the right thing to do regardless of the social consequences or the result of an investigation. Each event of abuse only has a conviction rate of approximately .24% so do not be disheartened when the flying monkeys bring back the fact that an individual was not convicted. Often the flying monkeys do not know the details of what you witnessed that sprung you to action.

It is not a watchman’s job to listen to the “why” of an incident that they reported. If they witness someone climbing a fence to get into a facility in the middle of the night, they report it and move on it was their job to do so.  Reporting abuse makes it more difficult than a watchman guarding a facility because 90% of the time the watchman knows the individual he is reporting. Understanding that when abuse occurs that a switch must be flipped to prevent emotion from entering the equation and relying on the facts of a situation can help with resolve.

The reason why abusers and their allies continue with the same tactics is because they have not experienced an effective counter to their tactic. Therefore, they will continue using them until they are countered effectively. They know emotion and relationships will be what keeps them from being turned in. Often the resolve of those reporting abuse is broken as the social pressure is increased. If the resolve is not broken, what happens? The social consequences are the same if one backs down or stays diligent. Be diligent, be unwavering, be the good watchman.