The Problem

Think this doesn’t happen?

When we read or hear the news there is a natural tendency to think that this is uncommon. It is almost impossible to believe that this could happen within our own family, or at our local church. What happens in the national headlines also happens just down the street and in our own homes.

  • Four years ago we went to my sister’s house for dinner. The adults were in the kitchen and my five year old daughter and eight year old son were upstairs with my eleven year old nephew. The nephew told my son let’s play “house” and you be the body guard. He told my son to go in the closet and not come out until he was told he could come out. He laid on the bed and pulled his pants down and told my daughter to fondle him. My son shouted from the closet asking if he could come out now and my nephew said “not yet”. After a couple of minutes my son came out anyway and saw my nephew laying on the bed and my daughter touching his penis. My son shouted “what are you doing, that’s really gross”. My nephew said it’s not my fault, your sister pulled down my pants. My son told me about it and my sister said she wanted to get her son’s side of the story and she would get back to me. full post
  • My 12-year-old nephew molested my 3-year-old daughter while our families shared a beach condo. last August. In the months following this incident, we felt obligated to attend a couple of family gatherings (milestone birthdays) where my nephew was in attendance; however, while it did not seem to adversely affect my daughter, it was very difficult for her father and me. While we usually spend Christmas with our extended family, we have not seen my nephew since November. … Also, how do I rebuild my relationship with my parents, who seemed to be more interested in protecting my nephew after this incident than my daughter, who was molested? full post
  • My son was sexually abused by my 11 year old nephew. My nephew has been in therapy now for a couple months. Every time I ask my sister in law how he’s doing in therapy she says great. We get no details at all. full post
  • What I want you to know is that my 7 year old little boy was molested by a 13 year old and I did everything I could to prevent it. What I want you to know is that sometimes it happens when we think we are being so careful. What I want you to know is to trust your gut. What I want you know is it can happen even to boys even little boys with paranoid mamas like me who try to do everything right. full post
  • Dr. Bert Thompson was fired from Apologetics Press in July of 2005 for sexual misconduct with minor children. Only eighteen months earlier he had faced similar allegations and the church leadership he worked under knew. Only after several victims came forward did anyone act.
  • In November of 2010 Matthew Jordan was fired was fired from the Center Road Church of Christ in Saginaw Michigan. He was fired for the molestation of a twelve year old boy. Mr. Jordan had previously been convicted in 1987 for assault with the intent to commit rape of a minor in Tennessee.